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{May 25, 2010}   Job hunting

I’m still searching for a job. It’s getting tiring really. GTB “rejected” me but then again who wanted them? They were offering entry-level. Won’t it make better sense to go back to my father’s farm?

I’ve applied to all top 10 consulting firms in Africa. Down loaded a list and wrote enough cover letters to drive me nuts…Monitor Group came. The test wasn’t so bad. I prepared for it so I’m hopeful. Thing is, there was negative marking. Minus one for every wrong and plus 3 for every right. I was able to do just 14 out of 23 but I’m sure of all of them. That’s 60.8%. Now, I hope It’s enough because I can see us chilling on our private south African Beach sucking on one of those colorful straws and little umbrella things, big shades, swimwear, water, sun and God only. I here it’s like 4.5 million per annum. Can you beat that?!

I applied to McKinsey & company too. They need my transcript so I have to get that in quickly. I here they will be here to give us a test too and I’m gingerly getting ready.
Friday is Dangote test. Dunno what the pay is like or anything but let’s weigh all our options right? For some reason they invited me for their test.

I need new shoes, to pay for this damn BB, to buy a new battery for my laptop, new clothes, spray and fix my car, pay a rent, get a new laptop bag, buy me ice-cream…whew…should I go on? All this could just go on?
All this could be fixed with a nose-dripping rich boyfriend, who is generous and doesn’t need sex…ok, he will have to be gay right? Well, a girl can dream right?

My Avatar sent me some money to day. It’s not much but it’s quite a relief to my financial strangulation at the moment. It will help me make up this BB money. Can you believe I didn’t have real bathing soap for a week?!
Granted, the inability to feed has the upside of weight-loss but boy, it is tough. The regular stipend just doesn’t cut it anymore really.
I’m thinking of making him my Profile picture for a day…you think?


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