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{June 1, 2010}   What Do You Mean When You Say ‘In A Relationship’?

What the hell does being in a relationship even mean? I just got into one with a guy I’ve known for a long while. Somehow, we managed to stay in touch after many periods of forgetting each other. Now that we’re dating I’m at a loss. What am I supposed to be doing? Are we supposed to act differently? Am I supposed to buy him presents? Am I supposed to expect presents from him? Am I supposed to cook for him (oh God)? How often should we make out (hehe)? What am I supposed to be doing as a girlfriend?!?!??!

When I asked him, he said ‘just be yourself’. True, this answer is cool and made me feel good truth be told, but I’m still at a loss. I could be myself and still do other stuff right? What are those other stuff that I should be doing? Do I sound as confused as I am? So, any advice? Anyone?

P.S. He didn’t get me anything for my birthday. Does that mean I shouldn’t get him something either??



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