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{June 11, 2010}   Thank God its Friday?

why do people even have that?
Like really?
I can’t remember my last weekend. Needless to say It was the same as any other
Weekends are the time where I sit in my car for hours afraid to go up to my house!
So its another Friday, Its past 6pm and I don’t want to home…
I wish I could go out and go drinking and get high, but besides the useless calories which will move me away from my 75kg goal, it feels like such a waste of money when I could get eyeshadow or something tangible with that.
I miss the time when money didn’t matter. now every cent matters and I have to invest it wisely because to begin with, it isn’t mine and it isn’t enough.
My life has reduced to a boring nothingness and I’m forced to wonder was it always like this and I didn’t notice? Or have I just degenerated beyond recognition.

I’m sure of my name and where I’ll spend tonight. Outside that, I’m not sure of anything. I think I’m slowly suicidal. the whole emptiness thing may eat me out.
Please remind me – who am I again?


P:S Even her gets to have great sex and I don’t. There has to be something wrong with me. This cant be the right me?!Should i get a cat?

Enjoy your weekend and we just might have another session if i don’t succeed in killing myself.


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