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{August 4, 2010}   Staying Committed is Hard, No?

Maybe I really do have commitment issues. I’ve been thinking about my ex. He keeps saying we should try again. I tell him nope, let’s just be friends, and although he’s not pushing, he’s still asking, and inviting me to parties and stuff. Then he says he loves me, and even though I don’t run, it feels really weird and different to hear stuff like that. He didn’t say it in a mushy gooey-gooey way (maybe then I would have run), but in a more matter-of-fact way, which seemed more sincere to me but…

Anyway, I don’t love him. But I must really like him for some reason I can’t explain. It’s not like he’s all that, but there’s just that something about him…*confusion here*. Maybe I’m not willing to give it a shot because I’m wondering if there isn’t someone out there who I’ll have more intense feelings for, or who is richer, or more handsome, or has a better body, than him. I think that’s the problem. I’m still as confused as I was when I started this note.

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